Basilica I

2023, wall sculpture, charred pine, walnut, oak, ash, maple and poplar, plywood, 25,5 x 43 x 2,5 inch / 65 x 110 x 6 cm.

The grandeur of ancient basilicas, cathedrals, and medieval Scandinavian wooden structures are the inspiration for these works. The sculptures comprise abstracted segments of various architectural structures, reminding of the sculptural properties of some of the world’s most renowned works of architecture. Through the series of sculptures Lappi addresses the topics of what these buildings and structures represent in our communities, since they are usually seen as the most expressive, the most permanent and the most influential and shape the way we live and think.

The artist’s working has been supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Oskar Öflunds Stiftelse.