Hehku II

2018, Site-specific installation, charred wood, smoke, 39 x 51 x 71 inch / 100 x 130 x 180 cm

Installation view at The Yard, Colorado Springs, CO, United States

Hehku II is a site-specific installation standing in a suburban Colorado landscape at The Yard project space. The work reveals the process of charring, though it is unclear if the sculpture is devolving or evolving. The structure is still smoldering from the burning process, but the vapor appears as much like a strange mist as it does smoke, which creates an unknown aspect and an undeniable presence. 

The Yard is a project space and site for public art run by Jessica Langley and Ben Kingsley in their front yard in the Divine Redeemer neighborhood of Colorado Springs, CO. Coordinates: 38.847596,-104.799216  whatsintheyard.com